In the UK more and more of our species are in decline with about 15% threatened with extinction. We’ve already hunted all of our top predators to extinction. Native woodlands cover as little as 2.5% of our land. Our seas have been overexploited to meet the every growing and unsustainable demand for food from both our domestic population and overseas, with pollution from watercourses feeding our oceans creating further problems.

Conservation has been working hard to promote change to save wildlife and improve our environment. But it’s time to move beyond species promotion and nature reserves.

WildStep are rewilding land in local communities for the benefit of the local people, to protect property value, to protect communities, to protect species and wildlife, to protect our air quality, and reduce water-course pollution, contributing to the protection of the global environment.

Derventio Education are proud to support this new venture as part of our commitment to school sustainability. This partnership builds on top of our commitment to schools with our free sustainability tool.

Stuart Reece

Derventio Education

We have been working with the team at Derventio Education for many years supporting them with their school improvement solutions – SchooliP. They were the obvious partner for WildStep.

Ben Craig