School Improvement

Helping you deliver a world class learning experience

How We Can Help

Wherever you are on your journey to becoming a great school,  SchoolPro TLC is available to offer practical support. We know teachers and leaders in every school are striving to overcome different challenges to deliver a world class learning experience for the children they serve. 

We offer flexible in-school support, training and coaching in all areas of school improvement including self-evaluation,  leadership effectiveness, high-quality teaching and learning,  accountability and data best practice alongside principled curriculum design.

School Improvement Partner Service

External challenge and support is pivotal in raising standards within a school. SchoolPro TLC has a range of high quality school  improvement advisers who can provide you with the robust challenge and support to help your school to flourish. Our experts constantly monitor the changes that are coming from the Department for Education and Ofsted so that they can support you every step of the way on your school improvement journey,  no matter how much the educational climate shifts.

The role of the improvement adviser, along with our robust monitoring and evaluation systems, will help to raise standards in your school by strengthening strategic leadership and accountability, and adding capacity to the overall quality of education in your organisation. You will be linked with one of our improvement specialists dependent on the phase and context of your establishment

How Does it Work?

Your expert school improvement specialist will visit your school on an agreed basis, normally every half term, to provide bespoke challenge and support to senior leaders, middle leaders and governors. They will work in collaboration with your leaders offering constructive challenge through reviews of your School Development Plan (SDP), Self-Evaluation Form (SEF) and evidence gathering. This has been proven to help drive accurate and robust self-evaluation and improve the overall quality of education.

Each half termly visit will have an agreed focus and series of activities designed to meet your brief, such as learning walks, work scrutiny, leadership meetings, curriculum scrutiny and discussions with pupils.

Every visit will normally last five hours and conclude with detailed verbal feedback presented to the headteacher, and any others required, at the end of the day. Notes of the visit with specific recommendations for action will then follow, so that leaders/governors have a record of the external monitoring.

Your improvement adviser can also act as the education adviser to governors when completing the annual appraisal of the headteacher/principal.

Your improvement adviser provides an expert, external eye for the governing body. They can also support your leaders through an Ofsted inspection, should one occur during the duration of our support. If possible, they will be available to speak to the lead inspector and their notes of visit will provide important external evaluation for the inspectors to see. This will help strengthen any judgement of leadership and management and especially that of governance.

To discuss what approach will work best for your school’s specific needs, contact us today.

Partner School Support

Through wide-ranging powerful partnerships, SchoolPro TLC can provide bespoke support tailored to meet the need of individual schools. SchoolPro TLC is passionate about collaboration enabling expertise to be shared and developed following a co-operative methodology. Our intention is to promote a climate where schools are confident and reassured to share expertise or self-identify requests for support, proactively promoting continuous improvement in our schools.


How Does it Work?

We will:
  • Arrange the partnership between schools through reviewing individual school needs and demographic similarities. These would include % of PP, SEN and/or EAL pupils, social mobility and parental aspirations
  • Arrange visits between the schools at an average of 1 per term, with the agenda to be set through discussion with the headteachers
  • Act as the independent facilitator when school leaders share expertise and visit each other’s schools to see how they can work collaboratively with each other
  • Provide written and verbal feedback to the headteachers of the schools when visits and collaborative work takes place

This process will enable school leaders to determine who they want to collaborate with.

Where possible we will keep distances between schools to a minimum.

Interim Leadership Support

All leadership teams have moments when capacity is limited, a project is behind schedule or a pressing stream of work is forced on an organisation.

SchoolPro TLC can help. We have access to, and actively employ, full-time, highly experienced senior school leaders, both from Primary and Secondary settings, with portfolios covering, curriculum leads, behaviour and SEN, through to Data Systems and Facilities Management.  These leaders can be brought into your school as either an external consultants or interim members of your Senior Leadership Team, dependent on your need. Timescales are also dependent on the need of the school with our longest term of contract being one academic year.

Please contact SchoolPro TLC for further details.

If you’d like to discuss how SchoolPro TLC can support you on your school improvement journey, arrange a conversation with us today.