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This FREE Cyber security training has been produced by the National Cyber Security Centre to raise awareness and help school staff manage some of the key cyber threats facing schools. The course is downloadable and freely available in other formats, along with additional help & resources from the NCSC website.

Contains public sector information, licensed under Open Government License v3 for public sector information.

The RPA have confirmed that RPA member schools are able to use this course on our learning platform to evidence completion of the NCSC training in the event of a cyber claim.



Your school will be reliant on technology to run. For example, the school’s email, online lesson plans and Management Information System (MIS) is now a crucial part of everyday life in a school. When something goes wrong with this technology, it can have a devastating and sometimes critical impact on the operation of the school.

A cyber incident is when your systems, processes or people are negatively impacted through the means of your IT.

Your IT team or IT support provider will be responsible for securing your systems and should be ensuring basic protection from cyber attacks. However no technological solution is 100% effective. Often the best defence is staff who are aware of the main cyber risks and threats to a school. School staff can be a crucial part of a schools’ cyber defences by following some key cyber security steps.

Your school should have an IT security and acceptable use policy. This guidance should be read alongside these to ensure you understand your school policies.


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