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Our attendance consultancy team can help build capacity in your setting by taking both a strategic and a hands-on approach to attendance. This can include supporting attendance reviews, analysing your data and advising on practices to help identify the best use of your resources. We can also support these plans where necessary.

Our main objective is to ensure young people achieve the best outcomes. We offer the assurance that detailed and accurate evidence and logs are maintained at all times, should they be required for the future.

Attendance Reviews

​Our attendance consultants will work with you and carry out a full and detailed review of your current attendance practice. During the review, we will look at your existing attendance policy, practices, and procedures. The core aim of this review will be to highlight and identify your strengths as well as any areas for development.

Once our consultant has conducted the review, they will then provide you with a detailed report. The report will also contain recommendations and an action plan on what is required to improve attendance and punctuality.

The consultant who carried out your review will also be on hand from the date of the review until the school doesn’t require further support to help implement the recommendations and action points from the review (dependent on level of service purchased).

Attendance Monitoring

As the latest DFE attendance guidance states, ‘effective attendance monitoring is key to improving attendance’. Therefore, our consultancy team will work with your school over a period of time to ensure effective monitoring practices are embedded. Whilst advising you accordingly to identify your most vulnerable cohorts, they will also be ensuring effective strategies (whole school, targeted groups or individualised) are implemented successfully.

Casework Support

Our service also provides schools the opportunity to engage their consultant directly in casework with pupils and families identified in collaboration. The aim of this work will be to address the core issues as to why the young person isn’t engaging with their education.

We employ a wide range of effective strategies such as panel meetings, attendance plans and parenting contracts to achieve increased engagement and attendance.

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If you’d like to discuss how we can support attendance at your organisation, arrange a conversation with us today.
primary school curriculum
primary school curriculum

If you’d like to discuss how we can support attendance at your organisation, arrange a conversation with us today.