Today, June 21st, is Show Your Stripes Day. It is a day to literally ‘show your stripes’ and spread awareness of climate change. This year is the 6th Show Your Stripes Day and we wanted to show our stripes and have a conversation with you about climate change:


The now-infamous Stripes were created by Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading. These distinctive ‘warming stripes’ or ‘climate stripes’ are a visual representation of the impact of global warming, a topic we can no longer afford to ignore. The issue of climate change affects us all, impacting economies, societies, and individual lives. We see it as crucial to engage, act, and #ShowYourStripes, illuminating the path towards a more sustainable future.

The Stripes that we’ve used on our social media pages today are, specifically, the climate stripes of Bristol, which is, along with Birmingham and Oxford, our closest major city.

So what are we doing, or planning to do, to address climate change as a business?

In 2022, we signed up to the SME Climate Hub and made the Climate Commitment. You can read more about this at the link above. As part of the commitment, we conducted a carbon emissions audit of SchoolPro TLC and are now working on an action plan to reduce those emissions to Net Zero over the rest of this decade. We’ve already identified our key target areas to work on and have started implementing actions to bring emissions down:

  1. Review business travel and identify low carbon options and travel alternatives
  2. Investigate carbon neutral accommodation options for client visits and conferences
  3. Explore low carbon digital services such as carbon neutral cloud storage and hosting platforms

We intend to share our action plan later in the year.

We also think it is important that schools have a good handle on their carbon emissions and understanding the emissions of your supply chain is a big part of that. By working towards Net Zero as a company, we intend to bring play our part in contributing to reducing your emissions too!!


SchoolPro TLC Carbon Report 21-22

As part of our work this year, we have also setup WildStep, our company committed to rewilding the UK and protecting our natural environment. Whilst this is a bit of a departure from our core business at SchoolPro TLC, we feel very strongly about climate, the environment, rewilding, biodiversity and more. So WildStep is our project to allow us to work in this area as well and we would love you and your school to join us.

We currently have a project running in North Devon where we are in the process of rewilding an area of former pasture land. We are just start this journey but hope it will grow over time with support from our families, friends, schools and the wider public… 🌱


Finally, we also partnered WildStep with SchoolIP and Derventio as part of their school sustainability work:

NGA, NAEE and Derventio Education have come together to provide schools and trusts with a free online tool distributed within SchooliP (the #1 in Teacher Performance Management, CPD & Training and Self Evaluation tools) to help governing boards adopt and develop environmental sustainability as a strategic priority.

If you are a school leader or governor, click here to access the SchooliP Sustainability Portal and register your school for a free account.

Stay tuned as we share more on how we’re making a difference and how you can join us in this cause.

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Stay safe and healthy,

The SchoolPro TLC (& WildStep) Team


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