Following up on our last full newsletter, here is a summary of the latest updates and alerts for your organisation:


Important Alerts and Urgent Updates

  • The DfE recently released a brand new update for its Data Protection in Schools guidance which explains “The policies and processes schools and multi-academy trusts need to protect personal data and respond effectively to a personal data breach.” We are expecting to get an overview of key changes out to you in March.
  • January saw the release of the CyberSecurity Schools Audit which has some very interesting headlines. We’ve already run some training looking at some of the key points. This article gives a good breakdown.
  • On the same topic, the BBC released an article last month also looking at cyber attacks in schools. A very important topic that is not one to ignore. As with safeguarding, it is important to have an ‘it could happen here’ mentality when it comes to cyber threats.

General Data Protection Updates

Latest SchoolPro TLC Information

You can access theΒ Cyber Threats and Email Risks staff guideΒ that we produced at Christmas. Further information on a range of data protection topics is available on ourΒ blog.

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