Gloucestershire-based company, WildStep, is on a mission to preserve and restore the UK’s natural landscapes and wildlife. With global wildlife populations having plummeted by nearly 70% in the past 50 years, WildStep is committed to taking necessary actions to protect and rewild land across the nation.

WildStep aims to engage with communities, schools, and individuals to create a more sustainable environment for future generations. They provide various opportunities for the public to contribute to their cause, from sponsoring sections of land to planting trees and making donations.

The company understands the pressing need for conservation, as the UK faces the extinction of 15% of its species and an alarmingly low coverage of native woodlands. The nation’s seas are also suffering from overexploitation and pollution, putting immense pressure on ecosystems and wildlife.

WildStep aims to shift the conservation narrative from isolated species protection to a more inclusive approach, rewilding land within local communities for the benefit of the people, the environment, and property values. By protecting air quality, reducing water pollution, and preserving biodiversity, the company hopes to contribute to the global environmental movement.

In a call for unity and action, WildStep invites everyone to join their cause and make a tangible difference. With options to sponsor land starting at just £1 per month for a 1m² area or £5 per month for a 9m² what3words grid, the company offers accessible ways for individuals to participate in the rewilding movement.

Visit WildStep to take a WildStep in the right direction and help make a difference today for all our tomorrows.