We have had a number of queries from schools with regards to the processing of health data for staff and pupils in light of the phased reopening of schools and the implementation of the NHS Test and Trace system. The ICO has now updated its own guidance for processing data during the “recovery” phase of the coronavirus pandemic. Below are the key points from their updated guidance as well as links to the full guidance. We have also created an addendum to your privacy notices with specific reference to the NHS Test and Trace system and a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) for health data which includes Covid-19 testing data.


Privacy Notice Update – NHS Test & Trace

We have provided an addendum to the privacy notices that covers sharing data with the NHS Test and Trace system. Whilst the information that has been released about the system doesn’t explicitly state how the system may contact employers and request information for contact tracing, our conclusion is that the most they may request is the name and contact information (phone number or email address) of anyone who has been “in contact” with one of your staff or pupils who has tested positive. The addendum reflects that and gives the legal bases for sharing that data.

You can find the addendum in Global Documents on the portal. Sign in here:

It is likely that you are also handling additional health data due to the coronavirus (including your own testing data), so you should also consider updating your existing pupil and workforce privacy notices to include this data. You should state why you are collecting it, the legal bases for that, who, if anyone, you are sharing it with, and how long you are retaining it. Let us know if you need help with this.


Health Data DPIA

As an organisation, you should have Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) in place for systems that conduct large-scale processing of data and/or process sensitive data. This includes systems that process health data. As you may now be handling additional health data due to the coronavirus (including your own testing data), it is a good time to review your DPIA or ensure that you have one in place!

We have created a DPIA template specifically for health data which includes coronavirus testing data. You can find this on the portal in Global Documents. You will need to ensure that the processes on the template match those of your school before it can be fully implemented. Equally, you may need to update your processes to ensure that they are appropriate considering the sensitivity of the data.

Use the link above to sign into the portal and download the template. Please contact us if you would like assistance in adapting this to your setting.


Updated ICO Advice

As lockdown continues to ease, the ICO has updated their Data Protection and Coronavirus Information Hub. This now includes their six data protection steps for organisations during coronavirus recovery which, in overview, are:

  1. Only collect and use what’s necessary
  2. Keep it to a minimum
  3. Be clear, open and honest with staff about their data
  4. Treat people fairly
  5. Keep people’s information secure
  6. Staff must be able to exercise their information rights
They have also produced a detailed guide containing advice for organisations during coronavirus recovery including sections on their regulatory approachtestingsurveillanceindividual rights, and a selection of case studies. The guidance answers a series of questions about data protection during this period of time. Rather than write it all out in full here, below are the questions that you may have now and direct links to the answers:


Questions Answered by the ICO:

​Please contact us if you do have further questions at GDPR@schoolpro.uk.

Please continue to ask if there is anything further that we can do to support you at this time.

Stay safe and healthy,

Ian, Rich and Ben


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