We hope that you are staying safe and well during this school closure period and were able to get at least some rest and relaxation over Easter.

As you are by now aware, we have been continuing to work with our schools to provide support at this time. With talk now turning to when schools may reopen, we have been looking at how we can support schools to do this. Whilst we don’t feel that it is appropriate to speculate on the timing of reopening, we do believe that it is important for schools to be preparing as early as possible.

Based on this belief, and the really positive feedback we received about the previous planning documents we circulated, we have prepared an action plan for the reopening of schools and the actions beyond Covid-19. As with our previous documents, we want to share this with all of our schools, so please see below where you can download it as a Word document and adapt to your setting as required.

We have also included a staff planning template to allow you to start the process of planning for your requirements as you reopen. This may be a full reopening with all staff and pupils back at the same time, or, as is more likely, a phased reopening. In that scenario, your staffing plan is likely to update regularly as we move through the phases and our template can assist you as you plan week by week or phase by phase.

If you have any feedback or improvements that can be made to these documents and are happy to share them with the rest of our schools, please let us know and we will get that circulated. A problem shared is a problem halved, especially at times like these!



Download Post Covid-19 Action Plan for Schools

Covid-19 Staff Planning Template

These resources can also be found uploaded to the portal in Global Documents along with all of the other resources we’ve produced to support schools during the ongoing situation (which can also be found in our other blog posts).

We will be sending out further resources as we see the need for them for schools and develop them for you. If there is anything specifically that you feel would be useful, please let us know and we will work with you to create it and then share it with all of our schools.

Please contact us if you do have further questions at GDPR@schoolpro.uk.

We are happy to support any school as much as we can over and above any service level at the time. Please ask…

Stay safe and healthy,

Ian, Rich and Ben

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