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​It's 4am, wide-awake. Exhausted. 36 hours earlier the phone had rung and with a quick reorganisation of workloads, it was agreed. A 200-mile dash down to Devon to support a long-time friend and colleague, turned into a top five worst journey ever. In a Costa, on the side of the motorway, I am an Expert. I am rapidly structuring and organising curriculum blocks; classes; people; lessons; grouping, filling the space, it is efficient. I am efficient. It would take other people hours, if at all, to do what I achieved in a coffee break in Costa, during a top five worst trip ever.

I am Expert.

Are your experts Expert? In your school, one would expect that your teachers are experts at engaging, motivating, learning, coaching, developing. Teaching.

They have studied, while you have supported. They have engaged with personal development, while you have invested. They have practiced, while you have coached. Their lessons are planned, executed, and effective. Can we say ‘good’ or ‘outstanding'? They are Expert.

Like all good leaders, you've done your reading. You are Expert. You know it takes time to gain the experience to be an expert. 10,000 hours? 

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